U Sandy Center adds to growing number of higher education buildings


e1SANDY — University of Utah students here have a new place closer to home to attend general education courses, take online tests and meet with advisers.

The U. on Friday opened its Sandy Center as a place to facilitate smaller class sizes for undergraduate-level courses, as well as students taking noncredit courses. University leaders say the center will also be a place where students can get additional help when they need it.

“I think there are going to be a lot of things happening here that are new and different,” said Sandi Pershing, dean of continuing education and community engagement. “We’re going to be having student success advocates working here with students, (with) much more student services available, like financial aid and advising. A lot of the resources that a student could access on campus they’ll also be able to access here.”

The U. previously had buildings in Murray and Sandy, but the new building, 10011 Centennial Parkway, will serve as a replacement for both facilities, Pershing said.

Martha Bradley-Evans, senior associate vice president of academic affairs and dean of undergraduate studies, said the Sandy Center will also be a place for students returning from the workforce

Report Technology helps struggling students graduate in St George


e4ST. GEORGE — There’s a number of reasons why Washington County School District’s graduation rate has risen by 8 percent in the past three years.

But the district’s use of technology to help struggling students get back on track is standing out to national audiences as a key contributor.

The district was recognized as one of several case studies released Thursday by the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation and the Evergreen Education Group as examples of successful blended learning, which uses a mix of technology and traditional instruction to improve student outcomes.

In 2013, the district began using Utah Online School, a public school program, as a way to offer extra courses as well as additional opportunities for students to recover credit for courses they weren’t passing. Now, all high schools in the district use the blended learning program to give struggling students another chance at getting the credits they need before graduation.

“Having access to this curriculum on a computer 24-7 where these kids can work through at their pace was huge for us and has had the single biggest impact

Should we use standing desks in elementary schools Experts weigh in


e3In recent years, more and more people are saying they can’t stand sitting.

As reported by The New York Times, many studies have explored the effects of a sedentary lifestyle on adults. But very few studies have focused on the effects of prolonged sitting on children — until now. A study published this month in Experimental Physiology asked girls between the ages of 9 and 12 to sit still for several hours in order to examine the effects.

“After the girls had reclined for three uninterrupted hours, their arteries no longer functioned as well as they had at the start,” the Times reported.

If the study is any indication, the “sedentary” lifestyle of sitting for long periods of times is not only unhealthy for employees in an office, but also for children.

Some experts suggest that a national focus on test results and academic rigor has pushed younger and younger children off the playground and into neatly lined desks.

But the Washington Post reported that young children gain few advantages from sitting still and listening to a lecture. “Preschool years are not only optimal for children

Best Gadgets For Assignment Writing


Though Queensland-assignment.com is here to give you all of the assignment help that you could ever need, away from the site there are also a number of handy gadgets that students can use when they are looking for ways to help them with their essay writing. Whether it’s help with spelling and grammar or helpful computer accessories that ensure you are never in danger of writing something extensive and then losing it forever, here are five of the very best gadgets that we don’t think students should be without.

  1. A Flash Drive

A flash drive is an essential little gadget for any student writing an important assignment, because you should be backing up your essay at regular intervals just in case your computer crashes and you are left with the almost unthinkable task of having to start again from scratch. With a flash drive at hand, you don’t have to worry about losing a piece of work forever; it will always be there safe and sound in

Award Plaques recognizes Achievement to Boost Productivity Higher

Employee’s performance really is a quite important factor in the company’s success at the same times their public view reputation. Maintaining the workers happy and feeling appreciated are key factors in bettering and sustaining substantial productivity levels. When a man or woman is happy at their job and treated with respect, they’re far more likely to remain with precisely the same organization and strive to make achievement.

Employers who discover numerous causes to understand employee accomplishments workers and present awards often discover that productivity is higher than at people who usually do not. Give certificates, trophies, pins, plaques and also other such tokens to get a range of reasons. Give credit for excellent job performance, objectives met and continued services.

There are broad ranges of exquisite and award plaques with excellent styles and designs obtainable online, that you could utilize in celebrations of success. Wonderfully crafted plaque trophy awards make excellent gift and presentation items. You can make your corporate staff, students or colleagues really feel special and motivated by presenting them with 1 distinctive plaque trophy awards.

These gift and presentation items are confident to generate your corporate staff, students or colleagues feel

Does Technology Have A Place In Our Classroom?

We cannot keep working with old-fashioned classroom methods, there is a time for a change, and we have entered an era where that change may both be possible and easy to implement. The education is broken; we are using antiquated methods of learning that only partially prepare students for the real world.

Hand Writing And Note Pads

A child should be taught how to write with a pen and paper, but when a student gets older and starts completing school and college assignments, the idea of hand-written notes should go out the window. Why are we still having children and students take notes in class by hand? In the real world and in their job roles they will be using computers. Even people in the field do not use a pen and paper. They use handheld devices to take notes, so what is the point in having students go through years of their education taking handwritten notes in class?

Why Aren’t Students Being Taught To Touch Type

Wouldn’t it be a better idea to have students write their notes on computers? One could argue that having computers in every classroom and on every desk is expensive, but is it? Students

The Role Of School Management Software

In these days, everything becomes computerized and it saves a lot of time and effort of the administration. To overcome this problem of this problem they use the school management software.


The school management software system is playing an important to keep the student record on a regular basis. This software includes the various modules which help to easily manage the school management, such as teacher and student details. The main functionality of this module is to handle all parts of the school management, which include as registration, admission, fee, timetable schedule, examination schedule, question paper management, lesson plan preparation, student inquiries, payroll, library management, canteen management, academic management ,class information, holiday schedule, syllabus and teacher information. Apart from the management of the school, this software also keeps the record of the student such as student attendance, progress report, and sports activities easily.

The main use of the this software is to maintain the records of the student, teacher, and other management purposes. As we know that the school is a very big organization which consist of thousands of students, many numbers of faculty teachers and other staff. The school involves the various

Reasons To Buy Live Butterfly Kits

A Monarch butterfly kit is produced from mesh, and so there’s no way the butterfly will have a way to get out on its own. Kids would therefore manage to get as near the butterflies as they wish and watch their real and pure beauty

It can be a good project to keep kids occupied during the wintertime when they cannot have many places to go and may get bored very quickly. Having a live butterfly kit at home will mean they have something real to anticipate to see after school, rather than just be sat in front of the television.

You can find a number of sizes of butterfly sets available, and so you ought to think carefully of what kind of project you’re after. Most of the packs will provide you with an order of butterflies, food to help keep them growing properly, a butterfly house and easy directions that even your child may easily follow with no problem.

Your kit enclosure comes with a simple to get at zip attached to have butterflies into. You will even get a coloring page which you can use to color the butterfly you’ve grown, so you’ve a souvenir which you will keep as